Flea Market Fanatics (FMF) Reality Show follows “the Steves”, Steve Swanson & Steve Kreider, as they help flea market patrons and vendors navigate the one-of-a-kind Rogers Flea Market to find and sell their treasures. 

     Flea Market Fanatics features Rogers Community Auction, which is nestled in the hills of beautiful rural Ohio, and open every Friday year round. Rogers is consistently voted the Best Flea Market in Ohio!  It is also one of the biggest in the United States with five miles of market space, traversing the gravel walking paths between rail fences, barns, buildings, pavilions and a vast outdoor flea market that offers over 1600 vendor spaces.  We give you a backstage pass to witness what it takes to keep the demanding daily operations of Rogers Flea Market running like a (mostly) well-oiled machine, and meet the interesting Baer family that has run it since 1955.

     Flea Market Fanatics brings you long lost treasures, unique knick-knacks, weird, wild, and random stuff that you can only buy and sell at a flea market.  The show has a fun comedic edge with Host and Cleveland Comedian Jess Faulstich as she gets to know the diverse people that populate the Roger Flea Market.  Keep an eye out for celebrity guests – you’ll never guess what celebrities are Flea Market Fanatics!!   Whether you’re an auction lover, a picker & flipper, an antiquer, a shopper, vendor & everything in-between you will find everything you’re looking for with the Flea Market Fanatics!



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Steve Kreider

Steve Kreider

Co-host and Producer

Steve Kreider, CEO/Owner of Hollywood Top Productions™ is a native of Waterford, Pa who retired from the Army in 2013 after serving 25 years. Since retiring from military service, Steve has worked as a Producer on such shows as Duck Dynasty®, he also worked with Ricky Schroder Productions on the Army reality show Starting Strong®, and consulted on the feature film Pitch Perfect 3®. Steve is very tough on himself…he doesn’t think that he is particularly funny, good looking, or talented, so he thinks that he may fire himself as the co-host.

Jess Faulstich

Jess Faulstich

Jess Faulstich is a comedian from Cleveland Ohio.  She is averse to all things scary or sad, so she grew up almost exclusively watching sitcoms, romantic and slapstick comedies.  She cites “The Simpsons ®” as one of her biggest influences to the degree she has references to the show tattooed on her person.  She began writing comedy in 2009 and has been performing stand-up since June 2016.  She will eventually be survived by several cats and her hair stylist Geoffrey.

Steve Swanson

Steve Swanson


Steve Swanson is a Pittsburgh native and a 15 year vet of stand-up comedy.  Having worked for an eternity in Corporate America “Flea Market Fanatics” is his first assignment into real ‘Merica.  “I’ve been gifted with a great supporting cast and look forward to what we accomplish.  Telling the stories of the flea market has given me the opportunity to meet some incredible people!”













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