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Christmas Day!

Tune in as NFL Hall of Fame Running Back Larry Csonka joins The Steves in our next episode of Flea Market Fanatics.  S1E4 #ZONK

What’s this all about?  S1E3

Meet vendors & the family that runs @RogersAuction. From Rogers Community Auction we meet Connie, Kym, Ken, Brad & Wade. We also meet Rena, a vendor of 10 years from Pittsburgh. Judi (Jude—eye) the Hula-Hoop Girl sells her Grateful Dead inspired jewelry.  With Rogers staple, Wild Bill telling us what it’s all about.

Steve Swanson & Steve Kreider meet Kerry, The Bling Bling Lady.  She started selling bling at Rogers out of her car 13 years ago. She now has a store in North Lima OH, The Bling Bling Lady’s Boutique & a mobile bling!  Please Subscribe. Thanks for watching Flea Market Fanatics!  

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The Show

Filming began in March 2018 with a casting call for “Flea Market Fanatics™” at Rogers Flea Market in Rogers, Ohio.  Hundreds of people auditioned, wrote in & sang in an attempt to win their way onto the show!  (See Rogers Idol S1E1) We picked a few and they came back as filming continued throughout the summer.  In Season 1, Hosts Steve Swanson & Steve Kreider were joined many awesome guests.  Pro Football Hall of Fame Full Back Larry Csonka.  WQED Pittsburgh Film Producer Rick Sebak.  Recording Artist Candace Campana.  Julie of Ela & Jules.  Artist of the strange, Gail Trunick. Judi the Hula-Hoop Girl, The Twins, Braydon our 17 yr old chicken expert & many others make up this fun look at one of the nations largest flea markets.  Plus Myke.

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About Us

Produced by Hollywood Top Productions™, “Flea Market Fanatics” features the people of Rogers Community Auction. Since 1955 Rogers has consistently been voted the Best Flea Market in Ohio! Open every Friday year round with five miles of market space and over 1600 vendor spaces you can find amazing treasures!

Season 1  special guests include Football Hall of Fame FB Larry Csonka and Pittsburgh Film Maker Rick Sebak. Comedian Jess Faulstich joins the fun as The Steves send her into the flea market for the first time.  We’ll see you at the market!  Click here for all the episodes!

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Steve Kreider

Co-host and Producer

Steve Kreider, CEO/Owner of Hollywood Top Productions® is a native of Waterford, Pa who retired from the Army in 2013 after serving 25 years. Since retiring from military service, Steve has worked as a Producer on such shows as Duck Dynasty®, he also worked with Ricky Schroder Productions on the Army reality show Starting Strong®, and consulted on the feature film Pitch Perfect 3®. Steve is very tough on himself…he doesn’t think that he is particularly funny, good looking, or talented, so he thinks that he may fire himself as the co-host.

Steve Swanson

Co-host, Director

Steve Swanson is a Pittsburgh native and a 15 year vet of stand-up comedy. “Flea Market Fanatics” is his first assignment into real ‘Merica.  “I’ve been gifted with a great supporting cast & crew.  Telling the stories of the flea market has given me the opportunity to meet some incredible people!”


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